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How to buy an engagement ring

Before proposing these days, most men have an idea of how they are going to proceed; whether it's a romantic setting, or just popping the question, all hopefully with a positive outcome. Generally speaking most men have no idea how to buy an engagement ring. The visual of the engagement ring - a stunning piece of jewellery that lets her know how much you care and her being swept off her feet, however this idealistic fantasy usually breaks down at this point as most men don't really know that buying an engagement ring can be a far more involved process than just heading into a jewellery store and handing over a load of cash. Knowing how to buy an engagement ring makes the process a lot simpler.


The first step toward buying an engagement ring is education along with some added common sense. All rings look lovely in the store window or in images at your online jewellery retailer but by understanding some basic quality standards as well as the bride's expectations, you are guaranteed that the ring you buy will be a great fit for you both. Once you know how to buy an engagement ring, you can make your purchase with confidence if you buy it through us we offer a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


The Engagement Ring

Because an engagement ring is both a financial and an emotional investment, it's important to know what makes up a quality ring design. Before visiting a jeweller to buy an engagement ring, learn about the four C's of diamond quality: cut, carat, clarity, and colour. Know basic setting and metal choices, as well as different diamond shapes. Understand the differences between treated, synthetic, and imitation diamonds. While this may seem like a lot of information, it will prepare you for a successful diamond and ring purchase.

Understanding your partner

Even more important than knowing how to judge a quality diamond and engagement ring is understanding what quality means to your loved one. In our experience, most women have definite preferences for diamond colour, diamond clarity, diamond shape, diamond weight, metal alloy type, and also a general ring and design perimeters. The best way to discover some of these preferences is to ask, but if you prefer a more subtle approach, spend several hours window shopping before venturing into a jewellery store for a more serious look. It may also be possible to ask a close friend or family member about her preferences if they can be entrusted with a secret.

Ring Sizer

The Essentials

One essential piece of information is your partners ring size, which can be learnt in different ways. A close friend may know her ring size - If you trust them to keep a secret. If she already wears a fashion ring on her left hand, choose one she wears frequently (it is most likely to be quite comfortable) and try it on your own fingers, usually your pinkie, for a good guess of her size. If at all possible, take the ring to a jeweller so they can properly measure it - this may not be feasible, however, it has worked very successfully for us with many of our customers in the past.


Many customers we see tend to set a ring budget before becoming educated, which can be a serious error. Only after investigating quality as well as your future wife's preferences can you truly appreciate the investment you are required to make. There is no set price tag for an engagement ring - the "three month equivalent" standard is a guideline established by the diamond industry itself. The budget should actually reflect how much the couple can afford. Always consider the bride to be as part of this decision: if she prides herself on keeping debts low and credit cards paid off, she may not appreciate even the most beautiful ring that requires payments or loans.

Budget Engagement Adelaide Diamonds
Engagement Adelaide Diamonds

Alone or Together

Some men will shop for an engagement ring alone, keeping the surprise until the proposal. Other couples purchase the ring together either before or after the proposal. Both methods are equally acceptable and have good and bad points. By purchasing the ring without the intended present, you guarantee that her generally sensible tastes are not overwhelmed by a clever sales pitch, and you have the opportunity to demonstrate your sensitivity by selecting the perfect ring to match her preferences. If your intended accompanies you, you forfeit the element of surprise, losing forever that tender moment of seeing the look in her eyes as she sees the ring for the first time, but whatever you do, don't bring her in halfway through, this is a recipe for disaster.